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    Easy ChickHEN CFW installer (Without Pandora)


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    Easy ChickHEN CFW installer (Without Pandora)

    Post by Tooty on Fri 31 Jul 2009, 8:51 am

    Since ChickHEN is out PSP-2000 owners with a TA88v2 or less or a TA90v1 motherboard now have the option to now install Custom Firmware without the need of a Pandora battery.We have put together a Easy installer that contains everything you’ll need. Hellcats Recovery flasher, ChickHEN, PSP firmware update 5.00.

    Warning make sure you only try this on a PSP that will accept PSP Custom Firmware flashing (Custom IPL) otherwise you will brick your PSP!!! PSP-3000’s will not take CFW. Check your PSP will take CFW.Or run ChickHEN first, then when ChickHEN is loaded run PSPident from the Game XMB menu. (PSPIdent with install with this easy installer)

    Steps to install CFW on a PSP Slim without a Pandora battery.

    1. Check and triple check you have a hackable PSP that will accept
    custom firmware flashing without resulting in a BRICKED PSP. Make sure you have a PSP with a TA88v2 or below only + or TAv90v1. If your PSP has a TA88v3 or above or is a PSP-3000 DO NOT proceed!!! You will brick your PSP.

    Run the installer and point it to your Memory stick Pro Duo root.

    2. If you don’t have don’t have PSP firmware 5.03. Get that PSP Firmware 5.03 Make a folder called UPDATE in your PSP/GAME folder and place the eboot in there on your memory stick pro duo.

    3. Now lets run ChickHEN to have a homebrew enabled environment. In your PSP go to photo then click the ChickHEN photo and wait. If the PSP jams, please retry. If it flashes colours and reboots you have loaded ChicKHEN. Check your system info to be sure it say’s 5.03 ChickHEN R2. If you need help getting ChickHEN to run please visit this post.

    4. Now with your PSP rebooted in ChickHEN go to your PSP XMB game menu and run Hellcats Recovery and install 5.00 M33!!! Your PSP will reboot, follow the instuctions to install PSP Custom Firmware 5.00 M33. After your done you can update to 5.00 M33-6

    Check if your motherboard is hackable below this table:

    Hope I helped!!!

    -Tooty Very Happy

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